Fifteen-year-old Amber Chandler believes in true love. And the best way to find him is to drop out of Girl Scouts, look fabulous, avoid unpopular people, and join Bay View High's hottest clique. Unfortunately, Maxine, the clique leader, is so beautiful, she scares away the guys. And Amber can't associate with anyone without Maxine's approval. So when Amber’s widowed mother takes in a mysterious orphan, sixteen-year-old Cory McCormick, a foster kid in serious need of a makeover and a new personality, Amber's doesn’t tell anyone about him.

     Cory McCormick had a normal, happy childhood—except for his strange ability to hear people think. Then his parents were murdered, and he spent the next four years surviving on the streets. Now that he’s been placed in a foster home with the Chandlers, he finds himself with an entirely new set of challenges: stopping a bully from terrorizing the school, keeping in check his crush for Amber, and making friends. All he wants is to be back home with his own family, but that life is gone.

     Cory and Amber stay out of each other's way—until Amber's mom shocks Maxine by asking to let Cory come with them to a party. When Cory and Amber step into Maxine's car to head to an alcohol-fueled college party, they begin a journey that takes them far beyond the comfortable boundaries of childhood—challenging Cory’s street smarts and survival skills, and upending all of Amber's notions about the meaning of friendship and love. What Amber and Cory discover about themselves and the people around them pulls them closer together—and ultimately threatens to tear their family apart.